Visuals > Assessment in Drama Therapy (2012) Johnson, D., Pendzik, S., Snow, S.

Many aspects of assessment reveal important questions for all drama therapists: What do clinicians see when they observe their clients? How can we define progress in drama therapy? Do the different terms we use for similar phenomena interfere with our ability to share information with each other? Is it possible to base an assessment method on subjective observation? What is our relationship to science and empiricism? Is drama therapy quantifiable, or do we want it to be? This book is a comprehensive survey of the current state of assessment in the field of drama therapy. It reviews the history, concepts and principles, and the current state of assessment in drama therapy. It includes a variety of approaches that constitute the leading assessment methods in drama therapy. This book reflects the ongoing development of assessment instruments, and will serve as a foundation for both further exploration and new initiatives by the next generation of drama therapists.