What is Drama Therapy?

  •  Drama therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses drama and theatre concepts and techniques for therapeutic, preventive, and educational purposes.
  • It applies the basic understandings of psychology about the power of imagination that allows us to create a dramatic reality within which life visions can be practiced and innovative solutions can be found.
  • Drama therapy is embedded in the wisdom of many cultures and civilizations that naturally used the arts as therapeutic aids to assist people in life transitions, help to cope with difficult conditions, restore emotional balance, deal with conflict and trauma, and alleviate grief.
  • Drama therapy is not only about acting. It is about playing, moving, using objects, stories, images and metaphors to make a deliberate and skilled use of the healing capacity of the arts.

 Who may benefit from drama therapy?

  • Drama therapy is an effective therapeutic tool that serves a broad range of populations. It is used with people of all ages, in individual or group work – including couples, families and communities.
  • It is practiced in a wide variety of settings such as hospitals, mental health facilities, etc.