The Drama Therapy Centre

The Drama Therapy Centre aims to promote the use of drama in order to help individuals cope with mental, physical, and social difficulties, facilitate change, transition, and growth, foster communication between people and among cultures, reinforce learning through creative means, and support preventive work.

The Centre offers therapeutic services, supervision and consultation, training and special courses. It is involved with applied theatre and therapeutic theatre projects, and encourages the development of the field through education and research.


The Centre provides therapeutic services and consultation to a wide range of populations in Jerusalem and the surrounding area – including individual and group work. Through a network of drama-therapists and other creative arts therapists, the Centre also provides referrals to reliable colleagues in the field.


The Centre offers group and individual supervision, as well as continuing education, training workshops, and seminars to practitioners in drama therapy and connected fields; special courses in drama therapy are provided to professionals in the areas of mental health, social and community services, education, and theatre. Workshops and lectures on drama therapy and related topics are also provided to the general public.

Since 2003 the Centre established and runs the Jerusalem Forum for Drama Therapists (free of charge seasonal meetings for drama therapists). The Forum seeks to strengthen the networking between colleagues in the area and the sharing of our professional skills with each other.


The Centre fosters collaborations with  organizations that use applied theatre, such as the International Institute for Applied and Therapeutic Theatre.The Centre envisions the creation of a therapeutic theatre lab that will investigate a variety of ways of using therapeutic theatre.